13 August 2010

quick! quick! by midnight tonight!

oh silly me!

this is a fabulous little swapsie going on in blogland that i thought i would join as the swap date is for the week of my birthday and it is a birthday swap! so i thought it quite fitting that if i give a gift - i will receive a gift. the only problem is that i made the swap number an uneven one, which means someone will miss out! (thanks to my eagerness and stupidity)

my plee....QUICK! someone join this swap by midnight to night so that one lovely person doesnt get left out!

otherwise i pledge now- that i will send 2 x handmade gifts to make up for my eager stupidity!


  1. Don't fret! Lots of (most?) swaps work more in a circle than in pairs ie you send to x, x sends to y, y sends to you - so I'm sure it will all work out in the end!

    When's your bday? Mines the 10th. :)

  2. I opened my letterbox to find your gorgeous parcel today!! Yay - thankyou so much I love it! :)


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