24 March 2010

my new addition

this is my new baby! her name is Stella, she is 8 1/2 weeks old and driving me crazy!!!!! no really she is adorable, she's just a pup finding her place in our home. after my Ruby died a few months ago, paul & i decided to get a new puppy for nina's birthday. we searched long and hard to find the right new family member & this lil love popped up just as we needed her. she is a 3 part staffy & 1 part rotty, so our fingers are crosssed that only a tid of the rotti comes through.
i forgot how hard pups are - they cry, howl, chew........as long as we keep all the main doors closed she is pretty good and understands the words no & get out! nina is obsessed by her- she is the mum and i am THE GRANDMA she told me (still coming to terms with that) i'll let her have it , if it makes her feel important.


  1. GASP!!! Stella is adorable! What a sweet sweet face. Congrats to your family on welcoming her to the house, puppy habits and all. Ahh, it wasn't so long ago our puppy was jumping up to nip my bum or tear at my shoelaces whenever I dared go in the back yard. I still have holes in my trackys to prove it. Enjoy this (sort of) gorgeous phase. : )

  2. OH MY GOD, she's just GORGEOUS!! I cant wait to have a cuddle if her 'mum' will let me of course!! ; )


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