31 March 2010

T is for terrific

the letter t, i made from a vintage table cloth for a friends birthday, i hope he likes it! if not i think i am quite happy to keep it for myself.
i heart vintage scrap journel cover, i made from new & used fabrics. i quite like this piece too

i heart tote bag, this started it's life as a pillow case, then i saw it had more use as as a tote bag in the same style as the journel cover.

as a creative person - i dont always like what i make, or i find it hard to photograph, or it just goes into the too hard pile, but the last 2 days of making & creating i seem to have been on a good thing. i really like what i have made this week. i feel like i have now found a style that suits me. (mum what do you think?)


  1. they're gorgeous jade i like very much x

  2. loveeeee the journal cover!!!!


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