29 March 2010

N is for nice

yesterday was a very productive day. the sewing angels gave me wings. i sewed ALL day. i have been wanting to make letter cushions for ages now & finally yesterday i found the patience. i love the way this letter n turned out. made from beautiful "paisley power" by ro gregg (a great bargain on ebay a while ago) & some vintage sheeting. And in case you were wondering what ever happened to my poster print - well here it framed up in my $2 oppy frame and sits with my vintage suitcases. i also did a letter t for a friends bday, but i have to get some more hobby fill (these pillows use heaps).
i also came a cross a beautiful blog dottie angel
which then inspired me to do some random fabric art bags & journel covers. photos to come, as i was sewing until midnight I JUST COULDNT STOP i love days like that.

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  1. Oooh that is nice indeed. Love doing anything requiring hobby fill and love a sewing day that is still going at midnight. : )


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