11 January 2010

survival instincts

wow what a stinking hot day! our little weather board home does not have the delightful luxury of air con, although we are but 100 steps to the most beautiful beach, paul nina and i decided we would spend the day shopping. so a long awaited trip to ikea was planned. i quickly grabbed my catalogue and started tabbing down pages of all the wish list things i have wanted to buy for ages. i am very proud of my pauly for even allowing the thought to pass through his sporting head. A day out shopping with his girls! who would have thought? lucky me!

nina drove us crazy whilst we wandered through the arrowed maze of sweedish design so paul eventually said he would take her to the play house and leave me alone to fill up my big yellow ikea bag with non essentials. he came back not long after (to see what it was going to cost him no doubt :) he he) and said he had traded her in for a beeper! very cool! the buzzer soon went off and it was time to pick up our delightful, rassberry lemonade filled 3yr old. by this time (20mins)we had managed to grab a chopping board, roasting rack, tea towels, knife & storage containers!

homeward bound to a nice cold beer and a quick squirt of the hose (i know...... but its fun & the vegi garden needed a drink) now to organise left overs for dinner & a quick dip at the beach. Anyway the thought just occured as a drip of sweat rolls down my neck as to why i am even sitting in this little hot box writting about my day.......................i had a good one that's why xxxx

wishing all those families who are spending their day preparing & acting on extreme weather conditions lots of blessings & love. xx


  1. sounds like us! weatherboard, no aircon, what to do, decided to go to mums as even though I did think about IKEA, a trip to IKEA alone with the 2 would have driven me crazy!

    nice day and I too am asking myself ...why am I even sitting here sweating..

  2. .......for the love of BLOG cathie xoxo

  3. he's a treasure jade, fairy bread and ikea all within 3 days, wow!! sounds like a lovely day and what i wouldn't give for a corona. hope you have a lovely night and manage to have some restful sleep. xo

  4. Wow, I would never get my husband to go to Ikea. We went there once.....before we were married. I actually mentioned going there on the weekend and he said 'I think you should take your Mum'. I hope the remainder of your week is as good as today.


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