03 January 2010

loved it - bought it

i am one of those dis -organised people who will scribble a note or doodle on anything! i have a collection of papers beside my laptop about 30cm high, containing ? important stuff most likely. i did a bit of a madeit perusing this arvo and came across this fabulous wordly notebook holder. i do have a diary (moondiary.com.au check them out they are awsum, i have not missed a year since they began printing) all my important dates are pretty organised but it's the inspiration i seem to keep losing track of. So.............Marita from Loopy Designs in Tassie! i am sending you thanks for what will be an organised year of doodles, notes & inspiartions.

1 comment:

  1. very inspirational! i love that fabric!
    maybe i should follow your lead, my desk is the same, scrap paper EVERYWHERE. not sure what is written on all the paper but it must be important as i wont throw any of it out : ) have a good one xo


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