17 January 2010

handmade show success!

our first market SUCCESS!!! my sweet bird garden necklaces sold out in the first hour!
and what a great venue, i did go hmmm about oakleigh, maybe because i've never really had much to do with it, but the RSL was just divine. in its original state, no pokies, just a great old school feeling. it had nana toilets (when you see them you will understand) aircon, beer garden, rsl bar next door (yay for the boys) a kitchen that served great food and most important great coffee.
we sat down at the end of the day to discuss our options and what we would all like to get out of it, being part of a newly formed market there are many things to take into account. but the fact that we have control over how it is to be run is just great (yes! i am a control freak) so we all agreed to opening up 5 more stall sites and take on board our own little tasks. the next market is to in march, i will keep you posted about it and tell you more as we create more. oh and tell the boys its a great day out to be had, ladies go to the market and enjoy handmade loveliness, boys go to the other side of the 2way bar and watch the cricket next door in the beer garden, while the kids play in the playground. VENUE SORTED! IT IS SUPURB!!! caters for the whole family!
i will post more about my fellow new market makers soon. i am a little bit full of sunday love right now. i spent the day at somers, drinking champagne and eating gorgous foods (homemade beetroot & peeled tomato salad, orange & white choc cheesecake) mmmmmmmm.......snooze time x


  1. sounds like a fantastic success!! so sorry i missed it. next time : ) looking forward to hearing more about it!
    sounds like you've had a fabulous sunday. enjoy the rest of it xo

  2. lol - Nanna toilets...?! Don't you mean "...the powder room dearie"?! ;)

    Beautiful necklace, no wonder you sold out in a flash! Congrats on your market success.

  3. Sounds perfect. Gorgeous necklace!

  4. Congratulations on your market success. I love the necklace too. It's lovely. Melinda xo

  5. Very pretty necklace. Love the widdle birdies...


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