22 January 2010

thrifted happiness & loss of a friend

villeroy & boch fine china cake stand
i am a complete opshop fanatic, i have 3-4 favorite haunts i like to visit on a rotating basis & they never stop giving. This was a fabulous find (although i would have liked it in geen) made from china with sterling silver flower column & comes apart for easy clean. i love the little posies, maybe i can use it at my next market (in march)
the mice are away today (paul & nina) so today i might keep at my new projects (i will share soon i promise) and then go and collect some goodies from my po box, do an opy run & get something yummi from my fave bakery WHICH has stopped making my favorite donuts by the way. NOT HAPPY!!!! i have survived off these little choci circles of love for almost 25yrs & one day they just decide to stop making them! For my 21st bday i ordered 250 and piled them into a pyramid, they got me through my pregnancy, nurtured every pmt i have ever had, made road trips with me, breakfasts on the run.........you name it they have been there with me. So you see... i am quite upset as i must now find a new vice, yes i am (was) a donut snob! but nothing has ever compared & i dont think ever will. farewell old friends :((


  1. oh nooo Jade! that's a long time to be soo very loyal to a donut. maybe they'll surprise you with something better.
    at least that fabulous cake stand made you smile.

  2. That's a great cake stand!

    What devesating news re: your doughnuts! Did you break down, right then and there, in the shop...?! Hope you find a suitable replacement soon....

  3. beautiful cake stand jade, a fabulous find! so sorry to hear about the donuts, here if you need a shoulder or a yo-yo biscuit substitute : ) xo


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