13 January 2010

cant believe i missed this one!

there was a market at one of my local halls!!!!

and i had NO IDEA, so their web says lots of advertising......................i didnt see or hear a peep about it until Penny from Pocket Carnival mentioned it on her blog. Although i was at her site to see what she was upto and scrolled down to find that there was a vintage / makers market in Mordialloc MY STOMPING GROUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeek The next one at the same venue is as above. I wonder how the Ladies Market went?


  1. I read about it.. but I wasn't keen on it due to the high stallholder fees! Would love to pop my head in to have a peek tho!

  2. Have you also heard about the Little Shop of Handmade in Carnegie. They sell 100% handmade in Melbourne goodies and nothing is over $50 - it's a great selection of all of Melbournes favourite craft market stall holder!

  3. not sure how i missed that either!!!!

    As far as pay it forward... that is how i started last year by playing pay it forward... now i just like to do my random acts...




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