02 January 2010

sew much to do

lots of sewing to do this week. i had an order come in from libby (destination unknown, i'll post it when i know the shop name)
plus i just remembered that Celeste from little waltz has organised a new crafty market in Oakleigh to be held 16th Jan WHOOOOOAAAAA i better get a move on, i havnt been sewing much lately just lots of fun times enjoying the festive season. i feel and look like i have eaten santa. detox in need of i think. this is a bit of a rant, i am going cross eyed from sewing and i am in desperate need of a hot cuppa (and a cookie) x


  1. take a moment & enjoy the cuppa...& the cookie Jade :)

  2. I can't wait to see you and your goodies there!

    Will be sending out the posters to your email tonight. Look out for it! =)


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