07 August 2009

mama made that!

the scribbles of a new logo for my new name
(registered-with certificate in mail box within 19hrs!!!)
(if only i could be that excited about my ebay & madeit purchases-2wks still waiting) sorry...
i wanted to somehow relate this one back to Holi Goddess, but without being too swirly. i have spent days trying to perfect birds, owls, trees, nothing, words, blurbs & in the end i remembered my favorite saying "less is more" its like a good pizza, huh? so i concentrated on this one bird which does have a lil swirl on her tail and put her in all sorts of Holi Goddess logo spin offs. i must admit, i am kind of over the whole bird & owl thing and tried to avoid it, but after scribbling around with this lil lass i kind of felt quite connected to her. she is still evolving & i am starting to get a lil stressed about the whole thing of designing a new logo as it is so permanent
(like the design i had tattooed onto my upper arm 18yrs ago)
to be continued..........

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