25 August 2009

its tuesday & i cant wait.....

i thought i'd join in the tuesday fun of sharing what i cant wait for. oh.....but where do i start. yesterday was rainy & windy- nina and i got lots of good fun stuff done 1 of which we cant wait for.

we made jelly & its ready to eat today!!!

our other project for the day was to make eco pots to get ready for vegi seedings.
how to: tear up some newspaper & soak in water (no toxic paste please) then fill any small containers with the paper, making sure there is a good coverage, put in a sunny spot to dry
then fill with your favorite seedlings. next week we are going vegi seed huntingso i wil show you our progress. very exciting - i cant wait!!!


  1. your brave. very brave. i'm not sure i could do that :)

  2. I do love jelly. I don't make it enough! Good luck with the seedlings. Kids love to see things grow.


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