11 August 2009

midnight buttons

i was up til midnight last night sewing my nanas vintage buttons onto felt circles & clips. paul (the unsigned husband) said i should just glue them together & be done with it in half the time.

i kind of enjoyed the process of cutting & knotting my thread then hand stitching the pieces together. it reminded me of when nana would sit up late darning cobbers socks so that they would be ready for him in the morning. i do like going back to needle & thread, i have also ditched my overlocker to do the old fashioned zig zag hem. (reminds me of the clothes my mum would make for me as a lil girl)
these clips will be assigned their rightful colour code to match the collections of STUFF that i have been making for mama made that!

1 comment:

  1. Jade, I love the hairclips. I also love making them while relaxing on the couch, last month we had a power outage so I sat and made about 10 yoyo hair clips! lol will get the pattern for the pillowcase dress to you asap. want to send me your postal addy or I could drop it off? bron


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