18 August 2009

sneak peak

i thought i'd show you a sneak peak at what i've been working on. this range of kids & mums stuff (under the label of holi goddess) is all made from vintage, recycled & thrifted fabrics. i came across 4 metres of brand new linen in my favorite op shop & became quite fond of its earthy colour, it reminded me of our paper bark tree on the nature strip. so i sorted through my fabric collections to come up with a colour palette that resembled the tree. i have almost completed the range & will soon be available on made it & etsy.

BUT FOR NOW..................i must finish the dress makers fabric & get really crafty with lil snippets as this is fabric i used for a purse that is a feature item on MADE IT. so whilst i am a feature seller i must take advantage of all this good free advertising :)


  1. Beautiful vintage fabric, love it! I adore your hair-clips too so simple and beautiful xo yay on the featured seller!!!! good luck ox

  2. dito big brother, little sister jade i love the colours and that lace is gorgeous. and also congrats on made it featured seller x

  3. that is awesome can't believe its from recycled fabrics


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