14 August 2009

help wanted

i am about to register my etsy store & i am really torn between my two labels. HELP!!!!

HOLI GODDESS has alot of stuff already on the internet, and i will still be using this label for my adults range (bags, purses etc)

MAMA MADE THAT! is a completly new venture specializing in handmade eco friendly kids stuff.

so as i will be selling both on ETSY & MADE IT i am confussed as to which name i should go by, i a not leaning to one more than the other so i feel i need some help. any thoughts????


  1. I think you should have a store under both names and add a link to one another. They are both special to you and reflect different creative aspects. You don't have to restrict yourself by choosing between them. That's just my two cents. x

  2. Hi Jade!
    I agree with Little Birdie.
    I have seen many sellers on etsy with 2 business' as such just linking to eachother. I often do a search then from one page link to the same seller but different genre if that makes sense!
    Bron xo


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