01 August 2009

ahhh...the dilema

Holi Goddess, if you are not familiar is my first born baby, born in 2003, what was a retail concept store in Mentone Melb, where we sold natural fibred clothing, and all things bellydance, yoga, meditation, tarot, chakra, healing jewellry, crystals, organic products and so on................i closed my store just before xmas so that i could concentrate more on being a mum. the long hours of ordering, making clothing, bookwork, teaching bellydance classes, supervising the Akasha Healing Centre (where classes and workshops were held) emailing, web control, marketing just became too much for me and i was candle lit at both ends running out of wax FAST! i have alot of background experience in clothing design & production, marketing & so forth but now i am finding myself quite lost in this new craft world. trying to define a new style is quite testing.

NOW............. i fill my days with kinder runs & entertaing Nina (my first real born) and sewing.
holi goddess will always be with me YES! but as i continue to find my crafting feet i am coming up with new ideas, products, logos all kinds of stuff and am getting quite lost in it all. but thats not to say that i am completely frustrated, i love to sew, craft, paint, make jewellery (which i also make for Mystic Turtle).......

The Holi Goddess logo (incase you were wondering) is based on a henna tattoo design, hence the colour. HOLI which is my middle name, is also based on the Hindu Festival of Holi- festival of love, light & colour.

MAMA MADE THAT! is one of Ninas most common phrases if she is ever asked where did you get that from. So a new name was born to accomodate all the kidi stuff i now do. The picture came from hours of fiddling around on the computer with a photo of the bag that i made for my mum. not quite sure if i like it yet, needs more work or i'll come up with something else.

this was just another logo that i was playing around with from the same photo. although i think it works best for holi goddess. it has that indian thing going on.

i would love some feedback as to what you think i do best............i currently sell my wares at Trinity Rose Florist which is proving to be quite successful, so i am getting $ back for all my hard work. I aslo have stuff on MADE IT and EBAY, which just kind of tootle along. you can find links to these 2 online stores in this blog.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.......................thats better, so now you know my dilema, which really isnt one at all because i love what i do.
many blessings & thanks for taking the time to read whats on my mind.
have a wonderful happy smiley day
x jade

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