02 August 2009

cobbers have arrived

Cobbers make fabulous friends for your little ones.

designed for lots of cuddles, the skittle shape is easily tucked under the arm for safe carrying around & with a Steiner approach of being genderless they will entertain for years

measuring 35cm x 15cm, varying in size slightly by a cm or 2, makes each cobber a true individual.

made from vintage fabrics with new calico backing & polyfil

All Cobbers are hand made with lots of love & dedicated to my nana for her fabulous collection of fabrics & “COBBER” my grandpa.
ps. just have to get few happy snaps of nina with her cobber & they will be available on MADE IT, hopefully 2mrw. x


  1. that was SO fast!!!! I love the story behind these and can't
    wait to see the pics of nina with them! they are just beautiful ox

  2. i got lucky today! raff is playing golf & nina went out for the day with her nonna. YAY for me!

  3. i think these will be a big hit jade!!! :)

  4. Cobbers are very sweet indeedy - and just the right shape for sticking under a kidlets arm.


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